From Practice to Permanent

better person

Upon rising, I wake up refreshed and grateful for being alive. There is a roof over my head and my family around me. I have my health and a strong body; ready to tackle the day. But, there are moments I don’t feel so excited and “happy go lucky”. I have to really push to get past my “funk” That is when I step back and think about those who are really going through the struggle. I have friends dealing with death, divorce, unemployment…I mean it is scary stuff you know?

“Shake it off!”, Taylor Swift’s song instantly comes to mind. I am not a big Taylor Swift fan but the message rings true. Shake off the negativity and be the best version of me I can be. There are so many opportunities where I can be a blessing to someone else. A kind word or even a smile can do wonders for cheering someone up. Other ways to attempt to be better is to give it your all. Meaning whether it is a performance, learning a new skill or answering customer phone calls take each opportunity to be better than the last. I discover before to long what becomes practice becomes permanent.



Never too late to learn

Never too late to learn

I have been reading a lot of great inspirational nuggets of knowledge from Robin Sharma. His motivational pictures and blogs opened my mind to a different way of thinking. Here is the link from the information I referried to:

The nature of the goals you set is massively important. Goals based on looking better than others deliver less motivation and persistence than goals based on trying to improve your performance. So set “mastery goals” versus “ego goals”.

In Order To Achieve, One Must Believes

In Order To Achieve, One Must Believes

This past weekend was RAID GAMES 4 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I was a Masters Competitor 45+ . This time, I went into this competition a little differently. I was alone this time. No one else was with me, but oddly enough I was ok. I wasn’t nervous AND it forced me to get out and meet people. (Believe it or not, I am a little shy.) My previous experience at RAID GAMES was heart breaking. At RAID GAMES 3, I came in 4th place. I was crushed. So close to coming to the podium and yet not quite good enough. I didn’t give up. I used that disappointment as fuel to prepare me for RAID GAMES 4. Game plan went as followed:

Olympic Lifting Classes
Wind Sprints
Accessory Training (working on goats after the WOD)
Mobility and Active Rest Days
Global Day Workouts (Not competition bodybuilding, but building where I need it most)

Coming in, I told myself, “I want 3rd place. I just wanted to step on the podium for once”. I thought about it, prayed on it, others prayed for me as well.
At the end of the day, I did it! (With some help of course..)

Lesson learned: I believed I could do it and therefore, I did. Never let anyone kill your dreams….not even yourself.

Inspiring Others

Inspiring Others

This is one of my dearest and closest friends, Diane McNeil. I love this girl! When “Dmac” began her CrossFit journey, she disliked box jumps. For the longest time, she opted for step ups. Then one day she decided to go for it. (Actually, Coach Mav “persuaded” her to do it.) She began box jumping. As you can see, this tire was no match for her. She is currently jumping on a 20 inch box, consistently every time. Well, except one time. It was a brand new one, he didn’t know any better. She cursed at it one time and came back with a vengeance. Every time she thinks she can’t, I see her pause look for a second and BAM! She does it.

This past Monday, I watched her box jump during a WOD and I had to look away just so she would not see me cry. It was like watching my little girl walk for the first time. She was doing it! So proud!

There are so many other success stories at our box. All of them have one thing in common. Someone is inspiring others to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable. That is the amazing thing about this sport I love.

Meet my therapist, Mr. Bar




Mr Bar is my therapist. He’s actually one of the best doctors out there. He is firm, quiet yet strong. He only has good intentions for me. When he does make me feel bad it is because he’s shaping me into a better person. He teaches me to never quit and doesn’t mind if I yell at him. He knows by yelling, I am releasing fears and frustrations. He knows I am becoming braver, more courageous. Mr. Bar doesn’t mind if I cry but he will not tolerate quitting. He understands I may have to go slow in order to truly understand the journey. He also appreciates a strong woman who goes to work and gets the job done. 

At the end of the day, Mr. Bar looks back and congratulates me for a job well done. He doesn’t mind that I come back for seconds. He knows I expect a hard workout so he gladly gives me the challenge I am looking for because it is only going to make me a better athlete.

Thank you Mr. Bar. You are the best

CrossFit RSX does it again!

CrossFit RSX does it again!

The Bacon Beatdown was a success! I finished 7th out of 72 competitors. Although I didn’t make the podium, the fact is I was able to experience the competition with a batch of new competitors. One of them was one of my best friends, Diane “Dmac” McNeil and she placed 23rd! So proud of my box, CrossFit RSX!