From Practice to Permanent

better person

Upon rising, I wake up refreshed and grateful for being alive. There is a roof over my head and my family around me. I have my health and a strong body; ready to tackle the day. But, there are moments I don’t feel so excited and “happy go lucky”. I have to really push to get past my “funk” That is when I step back and think about those who are really going through the struggle. I have friends dealing with death, divorce, unemployment…I mean it is scary stuff you know?

“Shake it off!”, Taylor Swift’s song instantly comes to mind. I am not a big Taylor Swift fan but the message rings true. Shake off the negativity and be the best version of me I can be. There are so many opportunities where I can be a blessing to someone else. A kind word or even a smile can do wonders for cheering someone up. Other ways to attempt to be better is to give it your all. Meaning whether it is a performance, learning a new skill or answering customer phone calls take each opportunity to be better than the last. I discover before to long what becomes practice becomes permanent.