The End of My CrossFit Journey

8e25c6dc908b6731b7f378335063b07cYes, you read right. After many months of journaling about my CrossFit progress, I decided this would be my last post. My journey’s path is still in fitness but not specifically CrossFit. I learned a lot and met some spectacular people along the way. However, my competing days are not what they used to be. I have one scheduled this year. My workouts are more about my health and wellness, not so much about medals. If I get one great, if not that is ok too. I am more interested in the personal growth experienced along the way.

I will be creating a new blog journaling about my cosplay experiences. Stay tuned for blog updates about upcoming appearances Thank you all for reading and being there for a good listen.

I never say good, so for now, I will say so long.