My SportsArt Experience at the

 2016 IHRSA Convention

Written by Shellane Demarest

On March 22 and 23, 2016 I represented SportsArt as their Social Media Influencer at the IHRSA convention in Orlando, Florida. It was an honor to represent such a forward thinking fitness equipment company. Their equipment is not only constructed with some of the most sophisticated design around but their eco-consciousness philosophy makes them the best line of equipment that should be used in all fitness facilities.

SportsArt has a line of fitness equipment called ECO-POWER. To quote directly from their website, “ECO-POWR™ is our green technology product line with integrated micro-inverters built into select bikes and ellipticals. When ECO-POWR™ products are plugged into any standard power outlet, the human energy generated is converted into utility-grade electricity.”  (SportsArt, n.d.)

To learn more about them go to their website: SportsArt Website

At the convention, I had an opportunity to do what I do best: Be the social media influencer that I was created to be! I had a chance to meet people like Gabriella Reece and Erin Stern. I was able to walk around and check out all of the cool activities happening at the convention. We had an event called “Power the Tower” where there were three  G55U bikes hooked up to a replica of the Empire State Building. Whoever lit the building first won a 25 dollar Amazon card.That was really fun! Most of all I was able to see the other competing fitness equipment lines there. Although they were similar, none had the eco-friendly philosophy that made me connect with SportsArt. 10407032_10156916149700354_6929778263700036729_n.jpg

Thank you, Alanna, Jason, Rick, Tom, Kim, Jill and everyone else who made me feel like a part of the team. It was an honor to connect with them. Hopefully, when they return for the next convention, they’ll think of me and have me come out again.



My Day at the 2nd Annual “It’s Just Yoga” Fest

Having a great time at Lake Eola!

Written By Shellane Demarest

     March 13th, 2016 was the 2nd Annual “It’s Just Yoga” Festival where thousands of yoga enthusiasts came out and celebrated their love for yoga. Yoga classes were held all day and all proceeds went to benefit New Hope for Kids, an organization that brings hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss or life-threatening illnesses. I was there representing Strong By Design leggings and was happy to see how receptive yoga community was. Kingston was there to participate with the Yoga kids class and photos. (I was really happy to snag my pic!) Great vibrations! Look forward to the next one.