Chasing Performance on a Daily Basis

Are YOU showing progress?

Are YOU showing progress?

Today’s workout had a lot of gymnastic skill work in it. Not my favorite. However, in order to be proficient, I must do the things I don’t like to do when I DON’T feel like it. The above picture is today’s WOD. In case you can’t see it, here is the workout:

         6 RFT

  • 400 meter run
  • 8 Bar Muscle Ups or Chest to Bar Pullups
  • 4 Power Snatches @ #75

For me, this workout was an opportunity to work on my chest to bar. I am not quite proficient with them so I had to use the red and blue bands. The kicker for this workout was my working weight for the Power Snatch.#75. May not seem like a big deal to some of you out there but for this Masters Competitor, it’s a not the usual weight I use. What made it even more interesting, we ran out of #10’s. I had to use these other plates we had in our Oly section. This brought my weight up to #77. Coach Maverick looked at me and said, “You are more than capable of doing this weight, FOY.” 

As he walked away, I kept repeating to myself, “It’s only 4 reps. You can do this.” All I had to do was keep my elbows to the outside and pull hard to get underneath the bar. Every rep I revisited the points of performance necessary to get these 4 reps out of the way. At the end of it all, I finished the workout in 23:27. I couldn’t have been happier with my time. I was so excited to see I used #77 as a working weight in a workout! Because these plates were high temp, I had to guide these weights down so they would not bounce. Proficiency and control. Every rep had to count regardless of how bad I wanted to drop these weights. I was chasing performance and becoming mentally tough.

Looking back at today’s workout, I recall the countless failed attempts of the Snatch. The memories of frustration and disgust would strike everytime I would see Snatch or Overhead Squat on the board. Now, when I see them in a workout, I see another opportunity to become better, stronger and faster. Instead of just “winging it”, I approach each segment of the program like a technician. Practice like we play, right? Not just today but everyday my friends. This is how progress is made.

Positive Changes Produces Positive Changes


Yes, you read that correct. It’s a play on words but it is exactly what happened. Yesterday was CrossFit F3’s Summer Fitness Games. It was my first team wod. Always thought of doing one, but felt my personal athletic abilities were not quite there yet. It wasn’t until my friend Tina Eklund asked me almost a month and a half away. I said yes because I liked her. She is a really cool girl and an excellent athlete. For the first hour, I was excited. Then I froze. The hard truth was starting to sink in. Someone else was relying on me. Now that I had an actual team mate there was no slacking. A certain accountability was in place and there was no turning back.

About 2 weeks before competition, my brother Wayne came down to live with me. What first appeared to be a distraction turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. He possessed the same drive and passion for competition as I did. He soon became the “athletic trainer” I always wanted day of competition. He always had my recovery drinks available when I finished. He knew how to stretch me out when I got tight. Knows just when to yell and push. His voice carries so I can always hear him in the crowd. Even up to the night before the competition, I wanted to go to the movies. I figured it would be a nice little treat for all of the hard work I was putting in. He quickly reminded me where my focus should be. Needless to say, I stayed home and went to sleep early.

With my brother in place and an awesome team mate, everything just felt right. I felt so much anxiety around me but yet, I wasn’t stressing. It almost felt like I was overlooking something? I kept second guessing myself but I had this gut feeling our team would be ok. No need to waste energy, keep training as usual and get some rest the day before. I refused to worry and stressed out. This was supposed to be fun.

We hit all three workouts like a well oiled machine. There were only 2 Female Masters Team. However, “making podium” was not a concern. My focus was beating my Bacon Beatdown numbers from two weeks ago. I am proud to say I did! I pr’d my Power Clean at #145. At BB, I got stuck at 125. My Deadlift I ended at #265. I was also happy for Tina. She pr’d her Power Clean at 165# and her Deadlift at #265 as well.  Then came the Finals. Yes, you read correct, another workout. In total there was 4 workouts in one day.  It was a tough one but I somehow managed to hit all 30 goblet squats in that workout.  I have never done that either. It was the most I ever pushed my body.

In conclusion, I didn’t care about podium. There were two teams and we came in second. So what?  What mattered was the improvement in my weak areas? Did I do absolutely everything necessary to prepare for this competition? If I can answer yes, then that is all that matters.

One final note, John Hawkins looks like The 15 Valuable Laws of Growth are working. I applied what I learned from Chapter 1 and used it in this comp. “DO IT NOW”