The struggle helps us evolve.

The struggle helps us evolve.

Going in a new direction with this blog. From now on, it will just not be about competing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Inside, I will always be a competitor. But I also need to take it back to basics, to my roots if you will.   I feel like there are some other areas that need to be addressed. I receive requests on a weekly basis for videos on simple ways to attack problem areas like smaller thighs and tighter arms. A new voice is out there and it’s asking for do it at home fitness. Motivation for the everyday person and not always for someone who is trying to go “To the Games”. Kinda hard to explain but I feel a change in the air. A different kind of energy, if you will. The struggles I encountered during my hiatus actually shaped the content of videos now. I returned to Jay Hunter for my training partner and now include active rest days. Another words, I am not going “full throttle” everyday. Neither should you!

Keep your eyes open for videos incorporated in my blogs too.

When the time is right you will see. Until then, please keep on reading!


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