Little Progress = Big Goal


In previous posts, you’ve read how I faced certain skillsets in the CrossFit world with much skepticism. Well, that skepticism has sometimes prevented me from accomplishing my goals. I have a new Olympic lifting coach who shed some light on a typical lifter’s day. Without getting too deep in detail, he explained what I perceive as a bad day really isn’t that at all. We can’t always crush PR’s (personal record). We can’t always beast out EVERYTIME we wod. There has to be days where we dial it back and retrace our steps. Small steps lead to goals. With this fresh philosophy, I returned to the box tonight driven. I scaled the weight down and really focused on technique. The result was so much better than I expected. Pleasantly surprised.

Lesson learned? Consistency, leads to patience, which results in proficiency.

Hmm, who would have thunk it? Lol…


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