A Time To Reflect


November 10th, 2014. A day which holds several meanings. For one, it’s the US Marine’s birthday. Sempre Fi to all of my fellow Veterans who served in this branch. My brother, Wayne reminds me all time once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine. I am very proud of him and all of my other friends who served in the Marines. In my humble opinion, they still have the best uniforms.

This day also borders upon Veteran’s Day. A day to pay respect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. It bothers me sometimes when I see civilians wearing some of our military uniform like it’s some cool piece of fashion. A lot of blood, sweet and tears went into the uniform. As Americans, there are so many freedoms we take for granted. Many privileges such as driving, voting or being able to walk down the street without clothing restrictions are some of the things mistaken as rights in this country.


Lastly, this marks the 22nd year of my Mother’s passing. Some reason, today is harder than the other years. Not really sure why. I just know the pain and grief of losing a parent never really goes away. It’s a pain that just becomes a part of you. Looking back today, I finally recognized some of the things she went through not just as an adult woman but as a Mother as well. I am truly grateful for all she did to raise her family.

As I gaze onto my calendar, I notice the 24th is around the corner. Another birthday. Another gift from the Almighty Father. Instead of moping and crying it’s time perk up! Time to take my memories use them to make adventures!


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