Not Establishing My Worth By The Whiteboard


“It’s not about the whiteboard. It’s about effort. Be proud of your score whether it’s first or last. Know that it’s the best you could do on that day.” – Scott Shepherd – SilverBack & Founder WOD-Life Masters Community

This past weekend was The Pantheon Games in Miami, Florida. This competition is one of the bigger events in the Southeast and I really wanted to excel. Last year, I won 2nd Place in the Female Masters Division. Automatically, I felt the pressure to make podium again. No longer was this fun but a battle between me and the other possible competitors. This time I was a little nervous due to my previous hectic travel schedule. It hindered me from training consistently and I even considered not going. That lasted for about 10 seconds. “Screw that noise!”, my inner competitor screamed.” We are not even going that route.” So along with my fellow competitor, Alanna, we drove the long hike.

As the competition went on, I found myself falling victim to comparing myself to the other competitor’s scores on the board. Listening to their times as they finished one by one, I started to doubt myself. Rushing through lifts which really should not have been and other silly mistakes. After the 2nd WOD, I had to sit down in front of the mirror and check myself. What was I doing? I knew better than get caught up with the whiteboard or the leaderboard. No room for such mistakes. Not to mention a good way to get hurt. There was only two of us in my division. What was the point of stress?

Once I calmed down, I started to have fun. I relaxed and did better than I thought I would for the last WOD. I set a goal and I actually achieved it. I got further than I did. End result that weekend? I placed 2nd in Masters Females. My friend, Alanna, placed 1st in her division. She also picked up a sponsor this weekend! As an athlete, that is HUGE! Just goes to show what happens when you start having fun and not get caught up in the Whiteboard.

Pantheon 2014 WIn


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