Staying on Track


It was a Saturday morning and the weather was gloomy. So tempting to skip my training but I am on a mission. I changed Olympic lifting coaches and I pulled back from CrossFit a bit. I decided to not compete until next year as well. I felt it was time to change things up. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely feel like I am starting all over again, but according to my new Oly coach, I am simply retracing my steps. Every athlete goes through rough patch. I decided to train. It was hard in the beginning but I pushed through it. By the end, I was sprinting on the treadmill at a pretty decent pace. Lesson here? Anything worth getting is not going to be easy. Keep pushing.

Practice Makes Permanent!


This picture was taken last year. The class finished and the endorphins were flying extra high that day. No one wanted to leave. Out of no where, everyone started doing handstands against the wall . I wanted to play so up I went. (See above pic.) Then they raised the ante. They started doing the one handed handstand against the wall. I thought, “How hard can it be?” Well I found out immediately. Within seconds I crashed and burned like a “lawndart”. (That is what my coach used to call me.) I tried several times but could not do it. So frustrating because I saw so many others just pop up there like it was nothing. It was then I realized I had some work to do.

Besides doing strength training on my own, I worked with Jamie Magnor, Moblity Coach and Coach Maverick to help me with the biomechanics of the move itself. All I had to do is shift my weight to my dominant arm. Sounds so easy and yet I continued to collapse like a deck of cards. Still I continued to practice because I vowed I WILL get this before the year is out. Failure was not an option.

Fast Forward to 11/14/2014. It is Coach Maverick’s birthday, We just finished a crazy workout and the endorphins were flying once more. First Katie “KPOW” Bell went up. No problem. Coach Mav. Like it was nothing. Finally it was my turn. I just remembered the frustration of not being able to do it. Today was THE DAY. I had to do it, so up I went. KPOW and Coach guided me quickly on what I had to do. Not sure what happened or why but…

My handstand

To my surprise, I did it! It was pretty, perfect and caught on film. I did it again just to make sure it just wasn’t a fluke. KPOW caught this one again. So happy! We sent a copy to Jamie and her text was nothing sort by ecstatic. It may not be a big deal to some and maybe even silly to others. To me, I finally felt like one of the cool kids. So glad it happened on my Coach’s birthday AND that we got the pic together. He’s an important person on my life. He’s watched me grow in so many ways. It’s only right that it happened with him there.

Now, on to double unders……

A Time To Reflect


November 10th, 2014. A day which holds several meanings. For one, it’s the US Marine’s birthday. Sempre Fi to all of my fellow Veterans who served in this branch. My brother, Wayne reminds me all time once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine. I am very proud of him and all of my other friends who served in the Marines. In my humble opinion, they still have the best uniforms.

This day also borders upon Veteran’s Day. A day to pay respect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. It bothers me sometimes when I see civilians wearing some of our military uniform like it’s some cool piece of fashion. A lot of blood, sweet and tears went into the uniform. As Americans, there are so many freedoms we take for granted. Many privileges such as driving, voting or being able to walk down the street without clothing restrictions are some of the things mistaken as rights in this country.


Lastly, this marks the 22nd year of my Mother’s passing. Some reason, today is harder than the other years. Not really sure why. I just know the pain and grief of losing a parent never really goes away. It’s a pain that just becomes a part of you. Looking back today, I finally recognized some of the things she went through not just as an adult woman but as a Mother as well. I am truly grateful for all she did to raise her family.

As I gaze onto my calendar, I notice the 24th is around the corner. Another birthday. Another gift from the Almighty Father. Instead of moping and crying it’s time perk up! Time to take my memories use them to make adventures!

Not Establishing My Worth By The Whiteboard


“It’s not about the whiteboard. It’s about effort. Be proud of your score whether it’s first or last. Know that it’s the best you could do on that day.” – Scott Shepherd – SilverBack & Founder WOD-Life Masters Community

This past weekend was The Pantheon Games in Miami, Florida. This competition is one of the bigger events in the Southeast and I really wanted to excel. Last year, I won 2nd Place in the Female Masters Division. Automatically, I felt the pressure to make podium again. No longer was this fun but a battle between me and the other possible competitors. This time I was a little nervous due to my previous hectic travel schedule. It hindered me from training consistently and I even considered not going. That lasted for about 10 seconds. “Screw that noise!”, my inner competitor screamed.” We are not even going that route.” So along with my fellow competitor, Alanna, we drove the long hike.

As the competition went on, I found myself falling victim to comparing myself to the other competitor’s scores on the board. Listening to their times as they finished one by one, I started to doubt myself. Rushing through lifts which really should not have been and other silly mistakes. After the 2nd WOD, I had to sit down in front of the mirror and check myself. What was I doing? I knew better than get caught up with the whiteboard or the leaderboard. No room for such mistakes. Not to mention a good way to get hurt. There was only two of us in my division. What was the point of stress?

Once I calmed down, I started to have fun. I relaxed and did better than I thought I would for the last WOD. I set a goal and I actually achieved it. I got further than I did. End result that weekend? I placed 2nd in Masters Females. My friend, Alanna, placed 1st in her division. She also picked up a sponsor this weekend! As an athlete, that is HUGE! Just goes to show what happens when you start having fun and not get caught up in the Whiteboard.

Pantheon 2014 WIn