“Time to Make the Donuts”


Dunkin Donuts ran a commercial several years ago of a baker who rose every morning around 4am to make those infamous donuts everyone loves. Sounds crazy but when I wake up at 430, I often compare myself to that little baker. Here’s why.

Those wee early morning hours are the best because for the most part,  the rest of the world’s asleep.  Less distractions to derail you from completing your tasks.  If you are a fitness enthusiast, like myself,  the gym is easier to maneuver.  Fewer people are there and the ones who are there are serious about getting it done too. (They’re on their way to work. No time for play. )

The early morning hours are free from annoying notifications popping across your monitor as you’re trying to attack your inbox. You’re free and clear to zip through the endless amounts of messages.

Let’s cut to the chase. Why get up at an ungodly hour of the morning? Well you can sit back and wish for a lot of things OR you can get off your butt and accomplish those goals.  In order to achieve the goals, one must be disciplined enough to do the necessary NOW so you can play LATER.  It’s hard work that can be grueling and frustrating at times. However,  the rewards of being tenacious far outweighs the bad.

So, tonight  I challenge you to set your clock for an hour earlier and see how you do. It’s the ultimate gut check in character. Hit snooze and accept mediocrity or get up and be a trailblazer.  Only you can make that decision.   


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