When In Doubt, Pick Up A Bar


Normally I try to keep my stress level down to a minimum. But today was not that day. Things just came along and totally messed with my head. I mean the day started off great but as the morning when on, it slowly went downhill. Looking back, I realize I was wrong for allowing the situation to get to me. I mean I am only human; it gets the best of all of us. Rather than become overwhelmed, I decided to not stress over the things I have no control over. (People are going to do what they want to do.) Secondly, prioritize the things that I HAD to do and WANTED to do. Once I did that, things started to slow down and fall into pieces. As we get closer to the holiday season it’s only going to get worse. Be kind to yourself. Take yourself to get your nails done. Go out with a friend. Catch a movie on Netflix but whatever you do, don’t stress.

And of course, there is always the gym. Pick up a bar and settle your issues there..



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