Don’t Wake Me From This Dream


I have always loved Las Vegas.  Not sure if it’s the lights, the energy of the people, beautiful buildings. Who knows, but ever since I was a child, I vowed I would go there one day. That day is today.

I must confess,  I came here one other time.  I came here to get married.  That was an experience in itself,  however I didn’t get to really see the sights and enjoy the city.  I listened to my THEN husband. Not to get too involved with the details but I should have skipped the wedding and went straight for the sightseeing.  The marriage didn’t last but the memories did.  Fast forward to today.  I get to come here and model. Not just here on the strip but out in the beautiful landscapes and dry lake beds of Nevada! Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen to me. But that’s claasic Shellane.  I get something in my head and BOOM!  I charge like a rhino.  I will not stop until I get what I want.


So I ask you, are you pursuing your dreams? Take charge of your destiny,  before someone else does.


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