Never too late to learn

Never too late to learn

I have been reading a lot of great inspirational nuggets of knowledge from Robin Sharma. His motivational pictures and blogs opened my mind to a different way of thinking. Here is the link from the information I referried to:

The nature of the goals you set is massively important. Goals based on looking better than others deliver less motivation and persistence than goals based on trying to improve your performance. So set “mastery goals” versus “ego goals”.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Pull

Sometimes You Just Gotta Pull

When you don’t feel like it.
When it’s too cold out.
When it’s too hot out.
When you’re tired.
When you’re hungry.
When it hurts to move.
When you’re hungover.
When you’re going through a breakup.
When you’re going through a setback.
When depression sets in.
When life just seems unfair.

Whatever it is, sometimes you just gotta pull. Pull what you ask? Go to your special place that is SOOOOO deep within you, breathing almost seems impossible. Reach down and PULL LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!


Because it does….