It’s in the Power of the Mind




Today I discovered what everyone else at CrossFit RSX has seen. All of my life, I’ve struggled with insecurities holding me back from accomplishing goals. I suffer from what is called “always in my head”  Another words, I am always over thinking scenarios. This drives my coaches crazy, especially Coach Jay “Maverick Hunter. He is my Juggernaut. He is the one that gets under my skin with these smart comments. These comments trigger the exact response which helps me finish faster, stronger, better than I would on my own. This morning it was, “Shellane vs FOY, who’s gonna win?” My other teammates chimed in with, “It’s funny how she is the last to see this.”  Sad part about it is, they are right. 

So what’s the solution? Trust God. He has it all under control. Trust my Coaches, Exson and Maverick because they have my best intentions in mind. Most of all, trust myself. I mean I have been CrossFitting for a year. A lot has changed.  Not only has my skills evolved, but I’ve turned into a serious competitor. Who’s gonna win? Right now, FOY is and I am pretty good with that!


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