New Levels, New Heights…

New Levels, New Heights...

Today I finally learned how to rope climb. I have not workout with a rope outside of CrossFit since the US Army! Nevertheless, it was a nice feeling to be able to get this far up the rope.

This was a major victory for me. First of all, I am afraid of heights. The first time I ascended up the rope, I made the mistake of looking down. I froze, panicked and then asked Coach Mav to help me down. I ended up sitting on his shoulders. (Not cool) I shook my head and gathered my thoughts. I had to remind myself why I was doing this. I jumped backup there several times. Each time getting a little higher but then slide down. Finally my coach said everyone he taught has reached the top. One last time I thought..

With one deep breath, I jumped up and kept going. I kept on until he finally yelled that I did it! Then the hard part, getting down. Oh no! With a side slip of the foot I descended on my way down. The biggest smile shot across my face and the hardest high five I ever received from Coach Mav.

I walked out of the box a little taller today because I knew I accomplished something I once thought impossible.


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