Developing A Stronger You, From The Inside Out


As a CrossFitter, you walk into “the box” with anticipation, excitement, and even in some cases dread. Dread? Why? We love this sport. We should not dread coming in to work out right? Well, sometimes the coaches programs a wod so extreme, you kind of wonder what in the world got into them?  I have to admit, I am getting better at not freaking out when I read the workout on the white board. Today was NOT one of those days

After Coach Maverick explained today’s WOD, he did say I had a choice. I can : A) Go with a less weight and get a faster time or B) Go heavier than usual and become better. In the back of my mind, I know a piece of that “jab” was for me. He knows as an athlete, I want to be better but as a fellow competitor in Crossfit, Coach Mav knows I want to be a specialist at this sport. I love Crossfit so much that I feel I am doing it injustice by just being mediocre. I want to be the best version of me while doing it. But here is the question. How far am I going to go to get there? It’s a question I dislike asking myself because I know of the accountability involved behind it.

Sure, it is easy to talk about it. A whole another world to actually do it. My WOD clothes and shoes are right by the bed so when 5:00 am hits, I don’t have to wander far. I stretch and do mobility before AND after my WODS. I run long distance or sprints two days a week after a WOD with my training partner. Unfortunately, there are some days I run alone. That is hard because Lord knows I do not like running, but I do it anyway. I work on my “goats” to help me become more proficient in the areas I underperform. Anything I can do to become better, I do it. 

So tell me, what is it that YOU are doing to become stronger? Just don’t talk about it. DO IT!


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