Meet my therapist, Mr. Bar




Mr Bar is my therapist. He’s actually one of the best doctors out there. He is firm, quiet yet strong. He only has good intentions for me. When he does make me feel bad it is because he’s shaping me into a better person. He teaches me to never quit and doesn’t mind if I yell at him. He knows by yelling, I am releasing fears and frustrations. He knows I am becoming braver, more courageous. Mr. Bar doesn’t mind if I cry but he will not tolerate quitting. He understands I may have to go slow in order to truly understand the journey. He also appreciates a strong woman who goes to work and gets the job done. 

At the end of the day, Mr. Bar looks back and congratulates me for a job well done. He doesn’t mind that I come back for seconds. He knows I expect a hard workout so he gladly gives me the challenge I am looking for because it is only going to make me a better athlete.

Thank you Mr. Bar. You are the best


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