Not a fan….

Not a fan....

There are times in every CrossFitter’s life when you ask yourself why do I love this sport so much? Why do I shake when I see her name on the Whiteboard? Who is this girl and what did she do to get such a WOD named after her?

Well, Fran may make me scream for Jesus and kick the chalk bucket during a WOD but she makes me stronger every time she comes around.

A word of advice Fran, don’t come around too often. 😉

Advancing to the next level

Advancing to the next level

Last week, my head coach suggested I should compete in the Pantheon Games. I asked if he thought I was good enough. Being the thinking man he is, turned the question around. “Do YOU think YOU ARE good enough?” I paused and said, “I’m not sure.” His response? ” I would not have recommended this competition, if I didn’t think you could do it.”

Advancing to the next level. It is what I want more than anything as an athlete. To take it all the way to the Games. I watched the Masters this past weekend at the CrossFit Games and for the first time I saw a glimmer of my future. I could actually see my name on the Leaderboard. It is the first time I’ve actually seen myself that far in the sport I love.

With that being said, I understand there will be plenty of sacrifices along the way. However, successful people associate with other successful people. I am no longer settling for status quo and being mediocre. No more mindless television. A little more practice on the areas where I struggle. Time to toughen up and trust myself a little more. Rely on God and understand what he has in store for me. I understand when He places a dream in your heart, it is not to tease. It is going to happen, all in His time but nevertheless it WILL happen.

Inspiring Others

Inspiring Others

This is one of my dearest and closest friends, Diane McNeil. I love this girl! When “Dmac” began her CrossFit journey, she disliked box jumps. For the longest time, she opted for step ups. Then one day she decided to go for it. (Actually, Coach Mav “persuaded” her to do it.) She began box jumping. As you can see, this tire was no match for her. She is currently jumping on a 20 inch box, consistently every time. Well, except one time. It was a brand new one, he didn’t know any better. She cursed at it one time and came back with a vengeance. Every time she thinks she can’t, I see her pause look for a second and BAM! She does it.

This past Monday, I watched her box jump during a WOD and I had to look away just so she would not see me cry. It was like watching my little girl walk for the first time. She was doing it! So proud!

There are so many other success stories at our box. All of them have one thing in common. Someone is inspiring others to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable. That is the amazing thing about this sport I love.

Curious? Read on….

Curious? Read on....

I’ve seen people accomplish things they thought were impossible. Some of the strongest friendships and communities were formed as a result from one simple workout. Couples who Crossfit together are happier and usually healthier. Crossfit has produced more personal development than any seminar or college degree. This has nothing to do about “drinking the Kool-aid” or being in some sort of crazy cult. Crossfit is about taking limitations and eating them for breakfast. It is about strength, perseverance and the courage to attempt the unthinkable. Obstacles are merely stepping stones to a better version of you.

Developing A Stronger You, From The Inside Out


As a CrossFitter, you walk into “the box” with anticipation, excitement, and even in some cases dread. Dread? Why? We love this sport. We should not dread coming in to work out right? Well, sometimes the coaches programs a wod so extreme, you kind of wonder what in the world got into them?  I have to admit, I am getting better at not freaking out when I read the workout on the white board. Today was NOT one of those days

After Coach Maverick explained today’s WOD, he did say I had a choice. I can : A) Go with a less weight and get a faster time or B) Go heavier than usual and become better. In the back of my mind, I know a piece of that “jab” was for me. He knows as an athlete, I want to be better but as a fellow competitor in Crossfit, Coach Mav knows I want to be a specialist at this sport. I love Crossfit so much that I feel I am doing it injustice by just being mediocre. I want to be the best version of me while doing it. But here is the question. How far am I going to go to get there? It’s a question I dislike asking myself because I know of the accountability involved behind it.

Sure, it is easy to talk about it. A whole another world to actually do it. My WOD clothes and shoes are right by the bed so when 5:00 am hits, I don’t have to wander far. I stretch and do mobility before AND after my WODS. I run long distance or sprints two days a week after a WOD with my training partner. Unfortunately, there are some days I run alone. That is hard because Lord knows I do not like running, but I do it anyway. I work on my “goats” to help me become more proficient in the areas I underperform. Anything I can do to become better, I do it. 

So tell me, what is it that YOU are doing to become stronger? Just don’t talk about it. DO IT!

Meet my therapist, Mr. Bar




Mr Bar is my therapist. He’s actually one of the best doctors out there. He is firm, quiet yet strong. He only has good intentions for me. When he does make me feel bad it is because he’s shaping me into a better person. He teaches me to never quit and doesn’t mind if I yell at him. He knows by yelling, I am releasing fears and frustrations. He knows I am becoming braver, more courageous. Mr. Bar doesn’t mind if I cry but he will not tolerate quitting. He understands I may have to go slow in order to truly understand the journey. He also appreciates a strong woman who goes to work and gets the job done. 

At the end of the day, Mr. Bar looks back and congratulates me for a job well done. He doesn’t mind that I come back for seconds. He knows I expect a hard workout so he gladly gives me the challenge I am looking for because it is only going to make me a better athlete.

Thank you Mr. Bar. You are the best