CROSSFIT RSX getting ready to do it again this weekend



June 29th and 30th is The Bacon Beatdown and this is guaranteed to be an extraordinary event! I get the opportunity to compete with more of my dear friends from CrossFit RSX. We have more new people competing and I get a chance to help my fellow team mates. Am I nervous? A little but this time my focus is to have fun and make this the best experience for the new competitors. It will be hot, sweaty, stinky but we will be together and that is what counts! Pictures from the fabulous Heidi Hunter to come!

What is it that you see?


When you look at the picture above what do you see? First thing that comes to mind is “Superman, Man of Steel”, right? I often joke and say, it’s the first initial of my name. (Shellane) But after seeing the movie, “Superman: Man of Steel”, I see something completely different now.

In the movie, Clark discovers his true identity and begins to learn how to fly. He is in what looks like the “Tim Tebow” stance. He wants to fly but he is unsure of himself. He hesitates what appears to be a lifetime until he remembers what his real father told him:

“In order to become stronger, you must test your limits.”

At that moment, Clark ripped through the air like a rocket. He flew faster than he ever dreamed. He went further than he ever dared. He flew with a new conviction in his heart. As I watched the happiness on Clark’s face as he flew over mountains and across seas, I felt myself wanting to cry. At that moment I realized I’ve been holding back. In so many areas of my life, I’ve played it safe trying to be so calculated before making a decision. Trying to stay within my limits.  When I remember the WODS at Crossfit RSX. I hear that statement ringing in my head so loud. It brought me back to the number of times Coach Exson and Coach Mav would tell me don’t think so much. “The only thing that is holding you back is you.” They were right.

Now as I prepare for my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s certification, I have to push my limits. I have to let go of my fears and allow what I’ve learned to come out.  The time is now and there is no turning back. Am I afraid? Absolutely, but I am also excited about this new phase in my life where I break these limits and move forward.

Now when I look at that picture, I see strength, hope…I see a new version of me.