Keep Pushing!



The first couple of days after RAID Games, my workouts really challenged my confidence as an athlete. I mean nothing seemed to go right and then my mind started to play tricks on me. Darn devil! When doubt sinks in, it isn’t hard to start believing the lies. Progress comes  to a screeching halt and excuses begin to sound like reality. 


I had to shake it off and get out of my head. Why doubt? Why stress? CrossFit is supposed to be fun! “Mental toughness, Foy! Get some.”, Coach Mav is always telling me. “You get your mental toughness in check, you will be unstoppable.” By Thursday, I was feeling more like myself again. Friday I was working on one of my GOATS. (Snatch….ugh) Coach Ex saw me from around the corner trying over and over trying to tweak my technique. Good thing I did because Saturday’s WOD had a snatch complex that was not for the weak hearted. 🙂 I had no doubt there because I knew what to do, I just had to believe in myself that I could do it. 

After the WOD, there were smiles, sweat and a whole lot of high fives. Once again my CrossFit RSX box pulled together and cheered each other on. We were victorious against the dreaded snatch. 

Looking forward to Monday!


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