Going Ham at RAID Games



April 19-20, 2013 was RAID Games 3 at Europa in Orlando, FL. I decided going into this, I was just going to have fun. I was not even thinking about placing. I just wanted to finish but to my surprise, I finished 4th place in Masters. I never thought I would do that well but I did. I went “ham” on every WOD and never held back. I left it all on the floor as this picture CLEARLY depicts. 

What I took away from this competition was to have Faith in myself. I mean what was I afraid of?  I prayed all weekend long. My husband got tired of seeing me so nervous. He took one look at me in the car on our way up there and said:

“You know what to do. You’ve trained for this.” 

He was right. I knew all the moves. My coaches spent so much time with me on technique. I practiced and prepared. Now it is showtime. And you know what, I did. I showed exactly what God truly created me to be, an athlete and I loved every moment of it. Despite what I look like in the picture, I was having fun.



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