Keep Pushing!



The first couple of days after RAID Games, my workouts really challenged my confidence as an athlete. I mean nothing seemed to go right and then my mind started to play tricks on me. Darn devil! When doubt sinks in, it isn’t hard to start believing the lies. Progress comes  to a screeching halt and excuses begin to sound like reality. 


I had to shake it off and get out of my head. Why doubt? Why stress? CrossFit is supposed to be fun! “Mental toughness, Foy! Get some.”, Coach Mav is always telling me. “You get your mental toughness in check, you will be unstoppable.” By Thursday, I was feeling more like myself again. Friday I was working on one of my GOATS. (Snatch….ugh) Coach Ex saw me from around the corner trying over and over trying to tweak my technique. Good thing I did because Saturday’s WOD had a snatch complex that was not for the weak hearted. 🙂 I had no doubt there because I knew what to do, I just had to believe in myself that I could do it. 

After the WOD, there were smiles, sweat and a whole lot of high fives. Once again my CrossFit RSX box pulled together and cheered each other on. We were victorious against the dreaded snatch. 

Looking forward to Monday!

I Refuse To Settle


 It’s only Tuesday and I am already feeling like “Happy Hour” at the Ale House. Not sure if it’s fatigue from this weekend’s competition or whether I just didn’t eat enough this morning but these WODS are making me feel like a beginner all over again. After two disappointing WODS at my box, I started to feel sorry for myself. I actually cried last night and this morning. But then I asked why am I crying? No one cares that your pull ups suck or your overhead squats are hideous. You know the expression, “Suck it up buttercup!” Yep, enter statement now.

At the end of the day, no one really wants to hear your heavy Debby Downer stuff. They have their own issues to deal with. I even considered quitting. I thought maybe I am just chasing a dream that is too elusive. 

That lasted about 5 mins!

After using the last of my Kleenex tissues, I realized that I CAN’T quit. I CAN’T settle for being average. I cannot settle for just being good enough. At the end of the day, I have to focus on my self development and no one else’s. I gotta keep trying. Keep pushing. Never quitting on myself. I know if I do, the rewards will far supersede the temporary satisfaction of taking the easy way. My  coaches joke all the time, if CrossFit was easy everyone would do it. But I am not everybody so therefore I must dry my tears and get over whatever this moodiness is. There is no room for it. “I ain’t got time for it!” 

Back to the drawing board…..

Going Ham at RAID Games



April 19-20, 2013 was RAID Games 3 at Europa in Orlando, FL. I decided going into this, I was just going to have fun. I was not even thinking about placing. I just wanted to finish but to my surprise, I finished 4th place in Masters. I never thought I would do that well but I did. I went “ham” on every WOD and never held back. I left it all on the floor as this picture CLEARLY depicts. 

What I took away from this competition was to have Faith in myself. I mean what was I afraid of?  I prayed all weekend long. My husband got tired of seeing me so nervous. He took one look at me in the car on our way up there and said:

“You know what to do. You’ve trained for this.” 

He was right. I knew all the moves. My coaches spent so much time with me on technique. I practiced and prepared. Now it is showtime. And you know what, I did. I showed exactly what God truly created me to be, an athlete and I loved every moment of it. Despite what I look like in the picture, I was having fun.


2013 Reebok Open Games-Retrospect



What did I learn this year from this year’s Games? I can do more than what I give myself credit for. I discovered I inspired those who I didn’t even know was looking. The Games raised my level of athleticism and I bonded closer with my team mates. It was great to see the human spirit take over when the physical self gave up. My metal toughness improved and I became better at the things I struggled with. I befriended new CrossFit athletes as well as cheered on others from different boxes. At the end of the day we are all one big community.

I want to thank my coaches: Exson Rodriquez, Jay Hunter, Jason Dykes and Luis Rodriquez for their time and commitment. Thank my family at CrossFit RSX for their support. Everyone stepped up their games, even if they were not registered for the Open they WODed as if they were.

I am excited to see what next year brings! Looking forward to seeing my improvements! 

How do you see yourself?



I used to see my weaknesses so much larger than my achievements and strengths. I hated working on my GOATS because they always got the best of me, or I thought. I realized something. I was giving those weaknesses power, more than what they deserved. Let’s face it, I love CrossFit. I dream about it, think about it, talk about it more than my husband cares to hear but what I love more is the journey and where it is taking me. At the end of the day, that is my true passion. Medals and top ranking are things I would love to have but right now I am still paying my dues. It is not something that I need to have RIGHT at this second.

I see myself strong and full of life. I see myself eventually able to kip with the best of them. I am a Champion. My GOATS have nothing on me.  Image