I Smashed My Goat!

ImageI’ve been talking about beating my GOAT. In this case, it was the 24 inch box jump at .Caution Grounds 2 Feb 9th. Up until now, I’ve been jumping the 20 inch box. Many days of standing in front of the box, crying in front of it…it was so frustrating. On top of everything else, my second WOD I didn’t do so well. My confidence was disappearing fast. I just didn’t think I was going to do it. But then something happened. I witnessed something that made me ANGRY. SO ANGRY that it flipped a switch inside of me. I wanted to show everyone that the 24 inch box had me no more. 

3-2-1. GO! First part of the WOD was 8 bench presses at 65 lbs. Easy. Banged them out quickly! Then the box jump. I walked over to the box and I repeated, “Load and explode” over and over in my head. “You will defeat me no more.” I bent my knees and did what I’ve been practicing all week. 

I jumped and BOOM! I landed on top of the box. I kept on landing on the box 59 more times before the WOD finished. I did it!!! I was so happy. I went over to the corner and cried into my towel. Not because I was in pain, I was so grateful and thanked GOD over and over. I know he heard my prayers. 🙂



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