Focusing on progress, not my mistakes



Today’s WOD had three AMRAP’s back to back. I understand COACH Exson did this to help increase my endurance. Usually, I would love this but today there were box jumps in the first round of work. I had a “disagreement” with a 24 inch box which left a nice size bandage on my shin two days ago. Of course, when it came time to jump a 20 inch box, I froze. All I could think about was the “whack” I felt when I hit the box. I stood there and lost precious time in the 1st AMRAP. After some coaching from Coach Ex and Maverick, I was able to finish. On the way home, I just kept beating myself up for freezing at the box.

What I did when I came home, I read all of my previous blogs and remember all of the accomplishments along the way. I remember when I finally performed my 1st Switch Jerk. I felt so good, so empowered. My first box jump and all of my other “firsts” since last August. I went from trying CrossFit to competing. Nothing to be ashamed about.

So I froze what. There is always tomorrow and I will beat that box! Caution Grounds is next Saturday. I will be looking at that box and this time the conversation will be much better that time around! 😉




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