Grab the bar and go!



Today was my first real WOD back after being sick and a hurt back. It is crazy how the body reacts when it hasn’t worked out in a while. The workout required me to really focus on keeping my abs engaged so I would not re-injure my back. I am trying to be careful because Wodapalooza is less than 2 weeks away. I feel like I am behind the 8 ball and being this is my first CrossFit comp, I feel myself stress. In the far crevices in my mind I hear my husband, Dean. He told me something so profound. He said: 

“Grab the bar, and go!” 

He is right. It is not like I don’t know how to do these moves anyway. He also said, “As a Figure competitor, you went out on stage next to naked and did well. Why should this be any different?” You know, there isn’t any difference. So I press on. The WOD was over and I finished with 8 rounds of work under my belt. Coach Mav said something that I will take with me from now on. 

“For each time you do a WOD, finish LND…Leave No Doubt. You gave it your all, nothing you could have added or taken away.” 

Tonight I come back to do my second WOD, preparing for Wodapalooza. It has nothing to do to compare with those athletes. I am a Novice in this sport. I am not trying to win a trophy. My goal is to simply finish…preferably not last. If I do, it is not the end of the world. I just know what I have to do when I head back to the box.



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