Choose Your Destiny



Today, I walked into the WOD at 8:30 am. I looked up at the board. I saw those famous words, ” CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY!” My mind screamed, “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I knew what this meant. Red Pill/Blue Pill. Red pill was Eva WOD: 800 run, 30 kb swings, 30 pullups. Blue pill was Kelly WOD: 400 run 30 box jumps 30 wall balls. Both WODS were 5 rounds. Ugh! Definitely not going for speed. Instead, this was all about developing a better athlete and finishing the workout. 

Coach Exson “Punisher” Rodriquez says, “Either one is going to suck.” Those words rang like the Libery Bell. I chose the Red Pill.My WOD was scaled but I finished at 43:24. I was happy with the fact that I was able to still feel my arms and legs after the WOD. Then I thought about the 10:30 am group. OMG they are going to wish they were here. The code of conduct at CrossFit RSX is that no one talks about the WODS. So, I stretched and waited for the 10:30 group.

One by one, my team mates walked in with the same look, “Ugh!” First there was slight grumbling, then prayers. Some chose right away and began planning strategies. Others contemplated a little too long. That is when Coach Ex and Coach Jay “Maverick” Hunter yelled,   “Pick the one that will make you a better athlete! Encourage each other and do not stop!”  At that time, the ones who couldn’t decide had their destinies chosen for them. Ugh, no “wepa”.


The smiles soon disappeared after the first 400 meters. There were sweat, tears and for some, blood as blisters popped and ripped. I heard people groan and some scream scripture. Coach Mav helped those struggling with box jumps. Coach Ex went to those looking like they could not swing another KB. I even ran with some who were on their 3rd round of running. Everyone was helping each other. 

At the end, everyone finished. There were puddles of sweat on one side and empty water bottles on the other. Tales of struggle and triumph were shared with one another. 13 people were sore but happy because they accomplished something monumental. 

Red pill, blue pill. Which will you choose?


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