Game Changer



Today was my first day back with my RSX peeps and I tell ya. When I do it, I do it big! First it was   the “Filthy Fifty”.  This WOD was at 8:30am ( and that about kicked my butt but not quite. 24:07. I was pacing myself because I missed one day of CrossFit. When I finished. I was tired but felt good. Then as the 10:30am crew came in, there were more than anticpated. Now we had a Team Wod. I was about to tip out the door when my buddy, DMac came in. Darn. Odd man out and a Master participant. Well you know what that means. I was trying to give every excuse in the book but Coach Ex and Coach Maverick were not hearing it. I was staying.

It felt like a Team Chipper Challenge and by the end I was done! “Bacon and Eggs” was the name of this challenge and I can see why…fried and scrambled is how your body will feel afterwards. But my coaches came to me and gave me “big ups”. Coach Ex said WODAPALOOZA is approximately a month away. What I did is very similar to what I am looking at on game day. Time to start training that way.

Well folks, GAME ON!


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