It’s a Community Not A Cult



When a person begins CrossFit , they embark on a new phase in their fitness journey. They are not just cruising into a regular Group Fitness Class. It’s not a matter of just jumping in, kind of doing it and then leaving the class feeling less than enthused. In CrossFit, you are not fixing your makeup or chatting with your neighbor. In CrossFIt, you are working hard as you build relationships and self confidence. 

Look at the girls above, that’s me on the left. When I came into CrossFit RSX, I wasn’t sure if they were going to accept me or not. Not sure if they were going to laugh or not. However, as the WODS came and “the family” saw how hard I worked, they realized I was the real deal.  No fluff here. They saw how hard I helped encourage the others to finish. 

Now we do charity events together like 5k races and Habitat for Humanity. We’ve taken it to the next level now and have begun competing. It’s scary but I have my family with me!


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