Don’t get your emotions into it.

ImageToday’s WOD got in my head. I allowed my emotions dictate the outcome of my workout. Bad mistake. My coaches understand that I am very competitive. Unfortunately my worst competition is myself. I missed my goal by 15 reps and I was PISSED! I was so upset that I literally walked away crying. My face was in my towel to disguise my tears but there was no use. They were nasty sloppy tears.

After all of the sobbing, Coach Maverick came to me and gave me some sound words. First thing he said was, “You allowed your emotions to get in the way during your WOD. As soon as that happens, it is no longer fun.” Additionally, he told me regardless of my opinion, my finishing time was still the highest for RX. I had set the bar for the rest of the morning classes. In order to not totally beat myself up, I must remember everyone was at a different starting point. (Some were RX, some were scaled. Where as in a competition, everyone would be starting at the same place.) No comparison, just heart.

“Did you go all out? Did you have fun?”  I nodded, still upset but allowing the feelings to run their course. ” Well there ya go.” He went over, grabbed his Rogue jump rope and practiced his “double unders.” 

Coach Maverick is straight to the point, fearless and one of the best coaches I’ve seen. I am very grateful to have him at our box.


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