“DNF” is not an option…



The above picture is what I saw at the end of my WOD. It was the hardest 5 rounds of my life…EVER! I know there are the female bench mark WOD’s like Fran, Helen, Cindy…there are the hero workouts…Badger, Adam Brown, Arnie…TODAY’s WOD? That one must have been called “Puke Fest” because that is exactly how everyone who did it today felt.

The first two rounds I felt good..I thought I was going to blow straight through this WOD. I get to round three…OMG! I hit the wall. The room was starting to swirl. I had to close my eyes the majority of the round because every time I’d open them, I would get dizzy. I thought, I could just quit. I could just not finish…

WHAT?!? My alter ego (F.O.Y.) jumped in and screamed, “DEATH BEFORE DNF!” 

DNF is an acronym for Did Not Finish. My coaches would kick my hind parts if it even looked like I was going to stop. Coach Ex and Coach Maverick used every trigger and then some to get me through. And you know what? THEY DID. They did it using good coaching skills, excellent motivational triggers, and just them being them. I love my coaches. I am so glad I have them in my corner. Wodapalooza is around the corner and it’s time to focus. 



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