Meeting My Match

Well today we had a “chipper” for a WOD. Didn’t know what a “chipper” was until my coach explained, “It takes a little piece of you until you finish the WOD.”  When it was all said and done, the other “Masters” competitor tied at the same time. My coach notified me there has to be a tie breaker to determine a winner. 200 singles. Crap. My legs felt like jello but I went for it. I could not let the others see I was tired.

200 hundred singles on that RX jump rope. I banged them out thinking for sure I beat her. “TIME!” Unfortunately, the other competitor shouted it at the same time as well. Double crap. Time for another tie breaker. It was more like body buster. I just didn’t think I could do anymore. 50 squats, coach says. 

3-2-1, Go! I squatted these 50 with sweat stinging in my eyes. I had my eyes shut. I wanted to win but I also wanted to be able to walk to the showers. “Time!”, she yelled. She beat me by 4 squats but at that point I was wiped. This whole thing started with 70 burbees in 5 mins for a warm up! Yes, I was done.

What did I learn? There will always be someone faster and stronger. It’s up to me to train harder and smarter. I was used to being number one. Today was a reality check…and that’s okay. I’ll be back better, stronger, faster!



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