Encouraging Others

Today we had a new person try CrossFit. I could see she was a little nervous as she looked around at everyone. She studied the board, attempting to decode this madness of a WOD. 🙂  Before the workout, she got some reassuring hugs and a “good luck” from the coaches.

3..2..1, GO!

We all kind of struggled with the first WOD because it was the first one back from Thanksgiving. This was a short 3 round workout, designed just to warm you up, nothing lethal. Out of curiosity  I wanted to see how the new girl did.  I noticed she struggled but made it. Then the second WOD came around. She looked panicked. I asked her if she was ok. She was worried because she thought the first WOD was the IT! No, this second WOD is the actual workout. I can tell by her expression she was “not amused”.


The first two rounds set the pace. This was going to be fast, even with the heavier dumb bell Coach Maverick picked for me. Surprisingly enough I finished quickly. But, as I looked around I saw the new girl really fighting to complete some of the exercises. That is when I realized I had to jump in and help her finish. Yes, it meant I has to lunge a few more times,  sprint a few more rounds,perform a few more snatches but at the end, I felt really good. It was CF is all about. That is where the community factor comes in. By the time it was her  VERY last time to sprint, there were two other people running with her to finish! That was amazing! I was very proud of all us. It was the sincerest form support for each other.

Image Moral of the story? The hardest part is the beginning and everyone starts from there.



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