“Own It!”

This weekend, I celebrate my 46th birthday. Before leaving out of town, I head out to CrossFit RSX to get a WOD in. Immediately upon arrival, I check out the board. Hmm…12 AMRAP consisting of only 4 exercises. Not bad, until Coach X breaks the news to me. He wants to increase my Power Clean weight up 10 more pounds in order to develop my upper body strength. He says to me, “You’re an athlete now. It is time to turn it up. Wodapalooza is around the corner!” As I begin to strategize my attack on this WOD, I tell myself, “Not looking for a high number of rounds,just want to complete as many as possible using this new weight.” With that understanding, I approach the bar.

3-2-1, GO!

The first two rounds were not bad. I felt strong and somewhat confident with this new weight. Then round number three came. I started to feel fatigue creep into my shoulders. Not what I wanted to feel right about now. Shook it off and kept going. I was ok until round number 6 came. Play time was over and I was struggling with this weight. I had the option to take off ten pounds. “No!” I had to do this in order to eventually be able to handle RX weight. When it came to the push press, I was digging deep to get that bar over my head. “Own it!”, yelled Coach X. “Don’t let that bar beat you!” There it is. That was my trigger. That is what I needed to finish that round.

I finished with 7 completed rounds and 3 reps left over. I was happy with that. A new weight conquered right before my birthday weekend.

Could not ask for a better present than that!


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