Being a motivator

A typical CrossFit WOD will push you physically and mentally.  WODs are unannounced, therefore you must train so you are ready for anything. Some days, when the WOD is really tough, it is not unusual to hear the athletes cheering each other on. That’s the community aspect of this sport. Everyone in CrossFit remembers when they started this sport and how their first experience was. Coach X and Maverick know exactly how to motivate us to push harder and faster. The energy is infectious controlled chaos! One can not help feeling superhuman after it is all said and done. Not to mention, we go over to others still completing the WOD and motivate them to finish strong. Often the WOD ends in a sweaty high five and a weary “thanks man” BUT the main thing is that they FINISHED!

And that, my friends, is the best part. 🙂


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