Fight The Fatigue

Today’s training was different. I trained with my coaches. “Running with the big dogs! Oh boy,” I thought. My WOD today was Karen. Ugh…not one of those WOD’s. After yesterday, I told myself I could handle anything. Hmm, should really watch what I say when my coaches are around within hearing distance. ;(

3-2-1, GO!  There were 150 reps right out the gate. Coach X said those were the “will breakers”. I didn’t think they were, but by the 40th one I was dying! I get to 79 and Coach X sees me starting to slow down. “Fight through the fatigue, FOY!” Those words just rang in my brain over and over. I finally finished. One by one, I pushed through the mental block and the fatigue. When it was all said and done, I completed the WOD in 25:00. Not bad, but there is still room for improvement. My pull ups are my “work in progress” but I will get them. 

I am discovering now that CrossFit is more mental than physical. Just gotta push through and the body will respond. 


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