Block out the voice…

Sometimes during a challenging WOD, I hear inside my head. It’s an evil little voice that attempts to get me to quit. As the WOD goes on, it gets louder. This usually happens during thrusters, pull ups or power presses. Sure, the average person would quit. As a CrossFitter, quitting is not an option. Coach X and Coach Maverick tell me all the time to “Block out that voice!” Coach Maverick sometimes will come up behind me and say, “You know, there is another Masters competitor in this WOD and she’s NOT quitting.” Then calmly walks away. (No fair, he knows that’s one of my “triggers”.) Sure enough I push through taking a piece at a time until it is finished.

My CrossFit journey has some peaks and valleys, but that is when I feel I am making my best improvements. I am learning more and more about myself. Love my new family and my new found confidence..


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