Improvements When No One Is Looking

Today’s WOD was challenging but fun. I finished in a respectable time. As everyone else was finishing up, Coach X spoke to me. He reminded me that Wodapalooza is coming and I need to step it up. When I am alone, I need to work on a few of the skills I am not proficient in. Even though I registered scaled, I still need to be on my game. I watched my coaches drive off, leaving me alone with a pull up bar and a 18″ inch box. Sure, I could leave now and just leave my pull ups for another day OR do what Coach X said. Man, I hate having a conscience!

Using a modified Kipping technique, I began doing chin to bar pull ups WITHOUT using my legs. To my surprise, I was able to reach a little further than expected. Not quite 100% but better than I did when I first started. Three more sets of 5…took a break. Then no box, straight from the floor. Now I see where I REALLY stand. Not quite there but you know what? I am progressing everyday. No one else saw it, but I held myself accountable. At the end of the day, it is I that will look at the mirror and know what I did.

I did AWESOME thanks to my CrossFit RSX family. 


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