Don’t Rush Progression

Well, yesterday  afternoon I was riding high on the fact I was able to finally jump onto a 24″ box. I was proud, excited, and unfortunately a bit cocky about my ability to clear this thing. When I saw my coach later than evening, I wanted to show him my newest accomplishment. I just knew I had this. Looking back now, I wish I waited. 

Like a little child, I dragged the box out from the corner and proceeded to jump. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my hands in the correct spot. Right before I was able to clear the box, I whacked my left hand along the side the box. It was loud and I heard others in the background laughing at me. In a flash those old feelings came rushing back. Instead of laughing, my coach knew exactly what to do. He looked at me and quoted Philippians 4:13, ” I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” He immediately used one of my mental triggers that snaps me back to action.  He barked, “Come on, I thought you Army girls were tough!” (He is the only one who can get away with that because we both served in the US Army.) I looked at him and then glared at the box. In an instant, I jumped on that box, not once but seven times. As I walked away from the box, I felt my hand throb. I looked down at it and saw my middle finger swelled twice its normal size. My first CrossFit boo boo, but to my own stupidity. 

I learned a valuable lesson: Never rush progression. Things really do happen for a reason. I should have just saved my attempts to jump that box for another day, preferably when there are not a bunch of teenage boys in the background. Nevertheless, I am still happy at the fact that I jumped it. I will no longer listen the voices of self doubt. I will be able to clear it again. With Coach Maverick around, I will have no choice. 


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