Letting Go of Old Fears

Today I decided I was going to attempt a 24 inch box jump. I mastered 20″ for a while now. What’s 4 more inches? So I get the 24″ box and I swear this thing was laughing at me. I heard my old fears running through my head again. I almost chickened out. I was content on stepping onto the 24 inch box for now. In the back of my mind I heard Coach Maverick yelling, “Come on F.O.Y.! You gonna let a box show you up?!?” 

I looked at it did a small squat and jumped. I did it. Mind you, I tapped it and came right back down. I was scared I was going to scrap my shins. I was afraid someone might see me attempt and fail. There were a number of other excuses but none of them were good enough for me to not try again. I stepped back looked at it and said, “You are not the boss of me!” I approached the box and went on to jump 10 good solid complete jumps! I was amazed! Smiling from ear to ear, I picked up my jump rope and did 100 singles. Another small goal attained. Thank God I have a great team. Image


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