It’s All About Progression….

Today’s WOD challenged everyone.  Coach X warned us before it started , “Do not compare yourself to the next person. You are competing with yourself.”  Easier said than done. All of us were looking at our times and after self examination one of my team mates was angry at herself. The dreaded “toes to bar” got the best of her. (After the first 2, it got me too!) But Coach Maverick explained how we should not beat ourselves up over one negative thing. When we do that, it takes away all of the positive things that happened in the WOD. I totally agreed because she is AMAZING in Olympic lifting and handstand holds. I just started and even though I overall a fit person, I am still a beginner at CrossFit.

Later in the post WOD workout, we practiced our handstand holds and our split cleans. My female team mate displayed perfect technique. As she performed each level of difficulty,  she blew right through it. That was her moment of progression. I practiced my handstand holds and in the middle of the handstand hold,  I decided I was going to attempt to perform a push up. A small 2 inch decline but I did it! It was something new and I did it! That was MY progression.  Another female CrossFitter was able to do a walking handstand after several failed attempts because Coach X showed her a different technique. That was HER progression.

At the end, it was a great day because we all ventured outside our comfort zone and succeeded! Great coaches and excellent teammates. I love my CrossFit RSX family!


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