A bump in the road

Today’s WOD only had three rounds, but man it was crazy. There were 12 people in class, the most ever for 8:30am. It was awesome. It felt like a mini competition. I had the best time and definitely felt great afterwards. Still feeling confident from the morning’s WOD, I decided to workout and practice on my skills. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the comfort of having my coaches there or fellow team mates cheering me on. I had to dig deep to motivate myself and that is where things got ugly.

After a few failed attempts of an increased weight on my Overhead Squats and returning to the band on my pullups, I started to have second thoughts. “Did I bite off more than I can chew?” “Am I in over my head?” I was frustrated and decided to change my WOD. I experienced my first bump in the road. Ugh…the ugly side of CrossFit.


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