Meeting My Match

Well today we had a “chipper” for a WOD. Didn’t know what a “chipper” was until my coach explained, “It takes a little piece of you until you finish the WOD.”  When it was all said and done, the other “Masters” competitor tied at the same time. My coach notified me there has to be a tie breaker to determine a winner. 200 singles. Crap. My legs felt like jello but I went for it. I could not let the others see I was tired.

200 hundred singles on that RX jump rope. I banged them out thinking for sure I beat her. “TIME!” Unfortunately, the other competitor shouted it at the same time as well. Double crap. Time for another tie breaker. It was more like body buster. I just didn’t think I could do anymore. 50 squats, coach says. 

3-2-1, Go! I squatted these 50 with sweat stinging in my eyes. I had my eyes shut. I wanted to win but I also wanted to be able to walk to the showers. “Time!”, she yelled. She beat me by 4 squats but at that point I was wiped. This whole thing started with 70 burbees in 5 mins for a warm up! Yes, I was done.

What did I learn? There will always be someone faster and stronger. It’s up to me to train harder and smarter. I was used to being number one. Today was a reality check…and that’s okay. I’ll be back better, stronger, faster!



Encouraging Others

Today we had a new person try CrossFit. I could see she was a little nervous as she looked around at everyone. She studied the board, attempting to decode this madness of a WOD. 🙂  Before the workout, she got some reassuring hugs and a “good luck” from the coaches.

3..2..1, GO!

We all kind of struggled with the first WOD because it was the first one back from Thanksgiving. This was a short 3 round workout, designed just to warm you up, nothing lethal. Out of curiosity  I wanted to see how the new girl did.  I noticed she struggled but made it. Then the second WOD came around. She looked panicked. I asked her if she was ok. She was worried because she thought the first WOD was the IT! No, this second WOD is the actual workout. I can tell by her expression she was “not amused”.


The first two rounds set the pace. This was going to be fast, even with the heavier dumb bell Coach Maverick picked for me. Surprisingly enough I finished quickly. But, as I looked around I saw the new girl really fighting to complete some of the exercises. That is when I realized I had to jump in and help her finish. Yes, it meant I has to lunge a few more times,  sprint a few more rounds,perform a few more snatches but at the end, I felt really good. It was CF is all about. That is where the community factor comes in. By the time it was her  VERY last time to sprint, there were two other people running with her to finish! That was amazing! I was very proud of all us. It was the sincerest form support for each other.

Image Moral of the story? The hardest part is the beginning and everyone starts from there.


“Own It!”

This weekend, I celebrate my 46th birthday. Before leaving out of town, I head out to CrossFit RSX to get a WOD in. Immediately upon arrival, I check out the board. Hmm…12 AMRAP consisting of only 4 exercises. Not bad, until Coach X breaks the news to me. He wants to increase my Power Clean weight up 10 more pounds in order to develop my upper body strength. He says to me, “You’re an athlete now. It is time to turn it up. Wodapalooza is around the corner!” As I begin to strategize my attack on this WOD, I tell myself, “Not looking for a high number of rounds,just want to complete as many as possible using this new weight.” With that understanding, I approach the bar.

3-2-1, GO!

The first two rounds were not bad. I felt strong and somewhat confident with this new weight. Then round number three came. I started to feel fatigue creep into my shoulders. Not what I wanted to feel right about now. Shook it off and kept going. I was ok until round number 6 came. Play time was over and I was struggling with this weight. I had the option to take off ten pounds. “No!” I had to do this in order to eventually be able to handle RX weight. When it came to the push press, I was digging deep to get that bar over my head. “Own it!”, yelled Coach X. “Don’t let that bar beat you!” There it is. That was my trigger. That is what I needed to finish that round.

I finished with 7 completed rounds and 3 reps left over. I was happy with that. A new weight conquered right before my birthday weekend.

Could not ask for a better present than that!

Being a motivator

A typical CrossFit WOD will push you physically and mentally.  WODs are unannounced, therefore you must train so you are ready for anything. Some days, when the WOD is really tough, it is not unusual to hear the athletes cheering each other on. That’s the community aspect of this sport. Everyone in CrossFit remembers when they started this sport and how their first experience was. Coach X and Maverick know exactly how to motivate us to push harder and faster. The energy is infectious controlled chaos! One can not help feeling superhuman after it is all said and done. Not to mention, we go over to others still completing the WOD and motivate them to finish strong. Often the WOD ends in a sweaty high five and a weary “thanks man” BUT the main thing is that they FINISHED!

And that, my friends, is the best part. 🙂