The End of My CrossFit Journey

8e25c6dc908b6731b7f378335063b07cYes, you read right. After many months of journaling about my CrossFit progress, I decided this would be my last post. My journey’s path is still in fitness but not specifically CrossFit. I learned a lot and met some spectacular people along the way. However, my competing days are not what they used to be. I have one scheduled this year. My workouts are more about my health and wellness, not so much about medals. If I get one great, if not that is ok too. I am more interested in the personal growth experienced along the way.

I will be creating a new blog journaling about my cosplay experiences. Stay tuned for blog updates about upcoming appearances Thank you all for reading and being there for a good listen.

I never say good, so for now, I will say so long.


This CrossFitter found Cosplay



April 2, 2016, I discovered the power of Cosplay. I attended Collective Con as “Michonne” from my favorite show, The Walking Dead. I did it primarily to see my friend Cecil Garner aka Rick Grimes. He is an award-winning cosplayer from Walker Stalker,  one of the biggest conventions in the world. At first, I was going to dress as Katana from Suicide Squad but after much consideration, I decided to cosplay as “Michonne”.

To explain a little of what Cosplay is, it’s like Halloween. You dress up in elaborate costume and live out your favorite character. The difference in Cosplay is that you are not just dressing up. You live as that character.  You must know every nuisance and detail of their life. For example, as I stood in line for my food,  fans from the Walking Dead show asked me questions as Michonne, not Shellane. It was actually kind of cool. All of those pull-ups and cleans developed my physique as the tough feminine badass as Michonne. My costume and katana were exact duplicates of her character. My goal was to be as authentic as possible. From the look of my picture with “Rick, looks like I nailed it.


I had so much fun that day, I decided I am going to pursue this new hobby. Let’s see where it takes me. Besides, CrossFit, got me this body why not have a little fun with it?


My SportsArt Experience at the

 2016 IHRSA Convention

Written by Shellane Demarest

On March 22 and 23, 2016 I represented SportsArt as their Social Media Influencer at the IHRSA convention in Orlando, Florida. It was an honor to represent such a forward thinking fitness equipment company. Their equipment is not only constructed with some of the most sophisticated design around but their eco-consciousness philosophy makes them the best line of equipment that should be used in all fitness facilities.

SportsArt has a line of fitness equipment called ECO-POWER. To quote directly from their website, “ECO-POWR™ is our green technology product line with integrated micro-inverters built into select bikes and ellipticals. When ECO-POWR™ products are plugged into any standard power outlet, the human energy generated is converted into utility-grade electricity.”  (SportsArt, n.d.)

To learn more about them go to their website: SportsArt Website

At the convention, I had an opportunity to do what I do best: Be the social media influencer that I was created to be! I had a chance to meet people like Gabriella Reece and Erin Stern. I was able to walk around and check out all of the cool activities happening at the convention. We had an event called “Power the Tower” where there were three  G55U bikes hooked up to a replica of the Empire State Building. Whoever lit the building first won a 25 dollar Amazon card.That was really fun! Most of all I was able to see the other competing fitness equipment lines there. Although they were similar, none had the eco-friendly philosophy that made me connect with SportsArt. 10407032_10156916149700354_6929778263700036729_n.jpg

Thank you, Alanna, Jason, Rick, Tom, Kim, Jill and everyone else who made me feel like a part of the team. It was an honor to connect with them. Hopefully, when they return for the next convention, they’ll think of me and have me come out again.



My Day at the 2nd Annual “It’s Just Yoga” Fest

Having a great time at Lake Eola!

Written By Shellane Demarest

     March 13th, 2016 was the 2nd Annual “It’s Just Yoga” Festival where thousands of yoga enthusiasts came out and celebrated their love for yoga. Yoga classes were held all day and all proceeds went to benefit New Hope for Kids, an organization that brings hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss or life-threatening illnesses. I was there representing Strong By Design leggings and was happy to see how receptive yoga community was. Kingston was there to participate with the Yoga kids class and photos. (I was really happy to snag my pic!) Great vibrations! Look forward to the next one.

Strong By Design Leggings


For those who have not heard about STRONG BY DESIGN leggings, let me share a little bit about this company. They are three like-minded individuals: George Russell, Christina Cleveland and Earl Holliman. After hearing so many complaints from fitness girls, such as myself, about our leggings sliding down during workouts, they created the absolute best leggings in town! With the right combination of material, designs, and a little elbow grease, they managed to be one of the most sought after leggings around. That by the way, is not just here in Orlando. The beautiful women in Brazil and other countries around the world discovered them too.

Check out the pocket! CWn7PdfVAAAWpNz

Significance of the pocket:

These leggings are guaranteed to slip during a workout and make you look amazing. For more information about STRONG BY DESIGN, go to their website:  You’ll thank me later! Enjoy.



A Fork in the Road


Well, it has been almost a year since I’ve written. Amazing twists and turns in my journey but nevertheless and interesting one. CrossFit for me is now a way to release stress. It’s a nice hobby, but as far as going to the Games it’s no longer in the stars for me. However, it’s not a bad thing. Remember, the title of my blog is “Shellane’s CrossFit Journey”. The journey is never ending and always evolving.

My last competition was October 2015. I trained harder than I ever had for a competition and it showed. During that comp, I ran my fastest mile. My time was 8:31. I completed 30 KB thrusters without stopping. I was feeling pretty good about my standing. After the  third WOD, I reviewed the leaderboard and saw I was in second place. When it came time for the winners to be announced, I discovered I was fourth. It was that moment I realized what was once fun was no more. I was more concerned about a medal around my neck than the camaraderie around my friends. In my heart I knew it was time to step away from competing. After a few weeks, I decided to sign up for a comp Dec 12th 2015. I figured since it was a few months away, I’d have time to recover and be ready for that one. It wasn’t meant to be. After three postponements, that comp was eventually cancelled for good. The stars were talking loud and clear, “Time to find a new dream.”

January 1st, I decided I was going to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree again.( I tried back in 2003 but due to the company’s lay off, my tuition reimbursement was eliminated.) I kept seeing commercials for online schools and after much consideration I thought 2016 will be the year of action. Investing 4 hours of training did wonders for my physique but did nothing for my professional career. So it was time to change direction and go for what I really wanted, my Bachelor’s.

As far as competing goes, I will still compete but not as many as I did before. My journey still continues for I have another comp in July and you better believe there will be more twists and turns to this story!





Chasing Performance on a Daily Basis

Are YOU showing progress?

Are YOU showing progress?

Today’s workout had a lot of gymnastic skill work in it. Not my favorite. However, in order to be proficient, I must do the things I don’t like to do when I DON’T feel like it. The above picture is today’s WOD. In case you can’t see it, here is the workout:

         6 RFT

  • 400 meter run
  • 8 Bar Muscle Ups or Chest to Bar Pullups
  • 4 Power Snatches @ #75

For me, this workout was an opportunity to work on my chest to bar. I am not quite proficient with them so I had to use the red and blue bands. The kicker for this workout was my working weight for the Power Snatch.#75. May not seem like a big deal to some of you out there but for this Masters Competitor, it’s a not the usual weight I use. What made it even more interesting, we ran out of #10’s. I had to use these other plates we had in our Oly section. This brought my weight up to #77. Coach Maverick looked at me and said, “You are more than capable of doing this weight, FOY.” 

As he walked away, I kept repeating to myself, “It’s only 4 reps. You can do this.” All I had to do was keep my elbows to the outside and pull hard to get underneath the bar. Every rep I revisited the points of performance necessary to get these 4 reps out of the way. At the end of it all, I finished the workout in 23:27. I couldn’t have been happier with my time. I was so excited to see I used #77 as a working weight in a workout! Because these plates were high temp, I had to guide these weights down so they would not bounce. Proficiency and control. Every rep had to count regardless of how bad I wanted to drop these weights. I was chasing performance and becoming mentally tough.

Looking back at today’s workout, I recall the countless failed attempts of the Snatch. The memories of frustration and disgust would strike everytime I would see Snatch or Overhead Squat on the board. Now, when I see them in a workout, I see another opportunity to become better, stronger and faster. Instead of just “winging it”, I approach each segment of the program like a technician. Practice like we play, right? Not just today but everyday my friends. This is how progress is made.